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How it works

Send us your website codebase

This generally means either providing us access to the theme repo and a ZIP of your site’s files. If you’re not sure how to do this our customer support team can talk you through it.

Choose website delivery time

Let us know when you need the work completed and we’ll coordinate the team to get it done.

Pay up front

One easy payment and we can get to work. If you’re not happy with the outcome, we’ll refund. No questions asked.

Let us do the work

Our team will get to work and keep you up to date as we make progress.

Get your site delivered in time

We’ll work to the timeline you set and get you up and running on AMP.

What’s included


  • Lazy-loaded, so your page load won’t be delayed
  • Aspect ratios are defined on the media, so the display won’t redraw when the media loads


  • Loads quickly, eliminating delays in loading stylesheets
  • Unused styles are removed


  • JavaScript in paired mode is kept to a minimum in AMP, improving the page load time
  • AMP component scripts in native mode can be automatically cached in a Google or Bing AMP cache


  • We’ll analyze your hosting to ensure you have the setup you should and guide you on how you could further optimize your infrastructure


  • Fast page load times are guaranteed
  • Pages can load up to 85% faster
  • Performance is enforced, it’s hard to add something that might seriously affect it


  • Automatic re-submission to search engines and AMP caches from Google and Bing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not happy with my hosting partner. Can you help us?
Yes, we have strong relationships with some of the best hosting providers in the industry. We would be happy to help you find a hosting partner that’s performant, reliable, and has good developer workflows.
Is AMP only for mobile pages?
No, AMP works just as well on desktops. For example, this site and run AMP, and display just as well on desktops. AMP doesn’t have many restrictions on styling, so as long as there isn’t too much CSS, it runs just as well on desktop and mobile.
How do you estimate the price of the AMP site?
The price depends on the number of templates you’d like in AMP, and the number of scripts they use. For example, if you’d like your entire site to be AMP-compatible, the estimate would be higher than for only single posts and pages. Likewise, the amount of JavaScript on the page usually determines how hard it is to convert to AMP. Because AMP doesn’t allow JavaScript, we usually have to reimplement it with AMP components or amp-bind.
What do I get after I click "Get estimate"
We may contact you with a few follow up questions, and after that you’ll get an estimate for making your site AMP-compatible. This may include options for only making certain templates AMP-compatible, like only single posts and pages.


Web development has changed

Design > Backend > Frontend >>> Performance

Websites today demand a new layer of specialized development in order to be relevant to the web as a whole. That’s performance. Meet the next hot profession - Performance Developers.

Performance is a specialized skill set which requires a developer to have a deep passion for speed and who love crushing slowdowns. Performance developers utilize code, skills, and techniques which are currently beyond the arsenal that your average frontend developer would have. Technologies which allow websites to perform like AMP are relatively new and it’s time consuming even for an experienced frontend developer to get up to speed.

One small step for a website. One giant leap for the web.

Over ten years ago we launched a service called XHTMLIZED. It took Photoshop design files and turned them into modern HTML and CSS. It sparked a major shift in how websites were built. It helped define a new type of job - a frontend developer. Someone who specializes in the code that determines how a website will display in a web browser. Before then it was the days of webmasters who typically were more interested in Flash animations and table based layouts. XHTMLIZED took a stand in making code beautiful. We emphasized the importance of semantics and contributed greatly to the standards of HTML, CSS, accessibility, and microformats. While we didn’t invent frontend development we helped popularize it. We took something which was complex and made it accessible and affordable. We grouped together a community who were passionate about HTML and CSS and created a service which helped transform millions of web pages and tens of thousands of websites. Everyone embraced it. XHTMLIZED was the destination to go to and became part of a major workflow.

The real impact we had was sparking an entire new industry. Within a short space of time thousands of agencies saw the new opportunity to offer a specialised frontend development service. This in turn has helped ensure the web is as clean as it is today.


We take the risk out of performance

If you're not happy with your final results, we will refund 100% of your payment no questions asked. We don't simply ensure performance for your website, we offer you the best customer service to make sure that you are completely satisfied. That's why we exist today and have been in business for more than 14 years.

100% Money Back Guarantee
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We stand behind the services we offer, for their value, quality, and reliability.